Advice in packing Kharma 3.2s. Please help.

I need to pack my Kharma 3.2s and was wondering
about the procedure to take them off the SDDS stands.
What is the sequence of steps? Do I take the bolts off
while they are standing, or place them on their sides
first? When do I unscrew the feet? This and any
thoughts about how to maneuver them into their crates
would also be great. Thanks in advance!
If you have someone to help you, take the spiked feet off first. Then turn the speaker upside down so the top is on the floor. Due to the small surface area of the top, it is really beneficial to have someone hold the speaker steady while you unbolt the SDSS from the bottom plate.

That is how I attached the the SDSS to my 2.2. An alternative is to turn it over first before unscrewing the feet, but be very careful not to stab yourself or your helper. Those little buggers are very sharp.
THANKS!! I assume that the bottom plate stays attached,
and the 4 spike plates are the only things that get detached.
Instead of turning it completely upside down, could it
just be placed on a raised cushion with the plates hanging
Thanks again for your help.
Have you looked at how the SDSS are connected? There are actually 4 arms per speaker, each with bolts that attach to the bottom plate of the speaker. This bottom plate is permanently fixed to the speaker and includes threaded holes that the stock spikes go into.

If you use something like a sofa cushion with the speaker on it's side you will probably have enough clearance.
Yep, I did finally take a good look and found the manual
and see how it works. Thanks again.
(The hard part is
slipping them into their crates... I don't think I'll ever
buy a speaker again if it's packed in wooden crates.
OMG, it's like fitting a giraffe in a Volkswagen.)
Those wooden crates really suck. When I had to pack mine it was a pain in the ass to do it without damaging the speakers.
Yes--I hate wood crates. Same problem with my old Watt Puppies. I managed it by putting the crate on its end
and "walking" the speaker upright into the crate,
then laying it on its side (after wrapping in in heavy
plastic. 'hope this tip helps others out there.