Advice: Hooking up DVD for 2-ch. analog AND coax

I read with interest on an earlier thread here about hooking up a DVD player with BOTH the coaxial connection, for HT or DVD-A, and the analog connections, for 2-channel audio. I'd appreciate some advice on this -- specifically:

If I leave both sets of connections hooked up all the time, will my AV receiver automatically take the analog CD connection in 2-channel mode (when I switch to CD)? I ask because I'm seriously considering purchasing a new joint DVD-CD player, but only if I can easily get the 2-channel CD option to work regularly and automatically, without my having to unhook the coax every time I switch to CD listening. Like others I've found that using coax on my current DVD (a Toshiba SD-1600) for audio, thereby relying on the DAC on my AV receiver (a Yamaha RV-1105), is extremely unsatisfying for 2-channel music, so I prefer to use the DAC on a dedicated CD player. But it would be a nice convenience to have one machine to handle both DVD and CD, if the 2-channel thing works out.
Dvd audio is analog signal so the digital output won't work for that, it will output a low-rez down mix though. As far as hooking up everything else the way you want to, you will just switch inputs on the receiver. If you have the two channel analog outputs from the dvd player hooked into CD input..switch to it. If you want digital input..switch the receiver to that input.

If your receiver has assignable inputs then it should be no problem. Assign the digital to the "DVD" input and the analog to the "CD" or however you see fit. If your receiver auto detects, then use different inputs for each. Connecting both the digital and the analog to the same input will cause either you or it (receiver) to decide.

My DVD player has 6 analog outs (SACD multichannel), a pair of analog outs (CD), and a digital coaxial (for DVDs) all going at once. At one point I also had the optical digital feeding a DAC as well as all the aforemntioned.
Thanks to you both. I feel rather silly now that you've explained this simple step, but in the immortal words of T.S. Eliot, how else can we learn:

"In order to arrive at what you do not know
You must go by a way which is the way of ignorance"
-- "East Coker," from The Four Quartets

And maybe now when I hook it up correctly my DVD player won't sound so bad playing CDs.
I understand, when I got my computer about three years ago I was lost..seems pretty simple now, heck friends even call for help when theirs crash.