Advice from Wadia owners

I have a Wadia 301 running direct to my Classe ca-400. My question is, what is the longest xlr would you run? I have a 2 meter right now. Can I go longer?
Thanks Jim
Balanced lines are intended for longer runs - 2 meters is a trivial distance. Though it's best to keep interconnects as short as possible, I think you could go any reasonable distance without a problem.

In commercial sound applications balanced lines can be run hundreds of feet with good results.

BTW, I'm runninng a Wadia 7/9 combination.
I own a Wadia 20/27 combo and run 5 meters without problems. Had other combination that worked well also. Enjoy the pure sound.
Wadia gear tends to output up to 5 volts output so you can run a pretty long interconnect with that versus the typical 2 volt output.