Advice from Thor, AS, Vac owners

I have just very reluctantly sold my Jadis JOR - simply because I dont want to bias it - too much of a pain - and cant find a used Jadis DA 60 for love or money. (In second system, used 12 hours a day) I cant afford the Jadis DA 88 Signature, which would be my first choice. I can drive an amp with the preamp stage of my balanced APL 3910 CDP, so I can get an amp or int amp.
I cant wait 3 months for Bobby's Ars Sonum.
Speakers: Merlin TSM-Mx.
Priorities: To approximate the magical, liquid midrange of the Jadis - bass authority less important; highs have to be sweet and transparent. I realise the AS, which would be my first choice, since I own the MA-2s and am crazy about them, paired with an AS MP-1 (ain main system)may not be as good fed by the line stage of an APL 3910 (balanced)
Current candidates, used on A'gon: Atma-Sphere M-60 MkII mod to 3, Vac Avatar Super, Thor TPA 30, ?Art Audio with EL 34s. I am intrigued by the hype on Thor, know AS inside-out but dont know Vac Avatar Super.
Budget: $4K (preferably used - all the above are within that budget)
Any other suggestions?
Advice please.
I saw the VAC Avatar for sale and it looks very very nice. I seem to recall reading that VAC gear mates well with the Merlins. (I have the TSM-MX's) I really don't have any advice for you but I am interested in what you end up with and your thoughts. I am interested in the ARS Sonum too but am waiting to see a stand alone amp since I would like to keep my Joule preamp in the picture. My amp is the Plinius SA100 MkIII.

good luck,
I own the VAC Avatar Super very easy to bias
Make sure if you decide on the VAC Avatar Super that it isn't older than a couple of years. If you purchase an older one send it back to
VAC for an upgrade, the 2-3 hundred is well spent!
Can't go wrong with the Thor TPA 30 .I have had them for awhile now ( with the T1000 ) and have to agree totaly with the review in Stereotimes. It just does everything right. No, Its not a super power but with the right speakers ( using Kharma 1.0 ) these monos are plenty of power and detail anyone could need . Of coarse i would love to buy the TPA 60 but really don't need it . Never had a lick of problems. Now using Cryo el34 Svetlanas and they squeeze out a little more performance ... Good luck in your choice.
How would you characterize the midrange and treble of the TPA 30? It needs to be as spectacular as the Jadis with EL 34s.........
I haven't heard the Jadis for a comparison. The midrange and treble on the TPA-30s are gorgeous, and the mid-bass may surprise you. I really liked 'em.

Thor Audio TPA-30 Mk II Mono Amplifiers
Springbok10: I can't vouch for Jadis, but my best description for the midrange would be, Open Natural and about as real as it gets. The trebles is crisp, clean and without edginess. I guess neutral for me would be the best one word answer. Also as mentioned ,the bass is very quick ,tight and has great impact with no bloat. One other note is that you don't have to mess with NOS tubes at all the Stock tubes sound great.I am currently trying a pair of Cryo Svetlana el34 now. ( svetlana el34 are stock tubes )
I guess I should have included Joule Electra VZN80.
Can't vouch for the Jadis? You owned it for almost a year. Anyway, it's sold -too bad, did you blow a tube or something.