advice for Von Schweikert vr-1's

I just got a pair of these (I still have my kestral hot-rods) and haven't found a great match yet in s.s. or tube integrated (used 500-700) or cd player (same price range)-
I'm currently using an Arcam a65plus and a pioneer 656a-
Thanks in advance for the feedback-
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I purchased a pair of VR1's a few months ago. Currently I'm driving them with a McIntosh MA6500 integrated with excellent results. They also pair up nice with Classe equipment. Remember, the VR1's take at least 50 to 100 hours to break be patient. They are amazing speakers!
If you can stretch your budget to around $1k, you can pick up a used Unison Research Unico. I use one with a Sony NS999ES with my VR-1's/VRS-1 combo with excellent results(even better after installing NOS Mullard 5960/CV4003's).