Advice for the Budget 'Phile

I recently acquired a Rega Planar 3 turntable and am looking to upgrade my amp and speakers to better take advantage of it. I have $800 to spend. I listen mostly to roots blues on vinyl and modern pop/rock on CD; this system will also be used for watching movies (so I need a flexible, all-around system). Below you will find my current choices. Any advice on them or alternatives to them would be appreciated.

Integrated Amp (puchasing use)
Creek 4330 (with added phono stage)
Rotel RA971
Cambridge Audio A500 (with added phono stage)

Speakers (used):
PSB Image 4t
NHT SuperTwo
Vandersteen 2C
(I'm not very confident about my speaker candidates; I'm tempted by monitor speakers by Paradigm, B&W, etc. but I don't want to lose good, musical bass reproduction).
You might have a tough time at 800.00 used,the CREEK is the best pcik of what you selected,and the speakers at the used price range will be tough too.But keep searching and you might get blessed somewhere.good luck in your search.
You'll like the Vandys and there's usually several pair to choose from here or on ebay. Very forgiving speaker. NOt the ultimate in detail but always makes music.
The PSB Image 4Ts are very musical, present a good soundstage and have bass down to 40Hz. New, B-Stock can be found here on Audiogon for $399/pair.
I'd go for the PSBs for video: fast, dynamic, open soundstage...For my video system I have Wharfedale Diamonds 7.1...can't stand bright speakers , especially on TV sound.
If you have a powerful amp and a reinforcing wall behind they'll deliver the bass. You can always add a subwoofer later...

Be advised the Cambridges are made in CHINA. It's an ISO 9002 factory, but still made in CHINA. Because of this fact, you will get a lot of audio for your $$$. Durability?
Don't know. I have a Cambridge D300 SE CDP and am extremely happy for what I paid for. Audio Advisor sell both brands, so they should be able to give you a good comparison.

To stretch your budget even more, goto this link:

Make some of your cables, stand and tweaks.

Good listening
Any chance you can live with one or the other of your existing components for a while? Tough to take advantage of the P3 at $800 for both integrated and speakers. Assume you're using a MM cartidge? If so, you might get by with a used receiver and put more $ in the speakers initially. BTW, I have the S2's in my HT and am pretty pleased with them. As with all NHT's they are revealing/accurate and tend to reward or punish you for your amp selection.
try this site ... ... they are the authorized liquidation site for Acoustic Research ... they have the AR302's for $300/pair new ... the 302's were a Stereophile class C or D back in 1995/1996 ... have owned them for the last 8 months or so and am very happy with them ... good luck ...
In your price range I would recommend considering the Vandersteen 1C as it will be easier to drive and sound better with the electronics you are considering. It will sound as good or better than the other speakers you are considering, providing it is properly interfaced. The Vandersteen 2CE is much more demanding in terms of the quality of electronics needed to feed it.
I just happened to notice a used pair of Vandersteen 1c speakers in the new today listings just prior to looking at this post. They are being offered for $300. This would give you $500 for the amp you're looking to get,which should be ample dough for the amps that you were considering on the used market. I might offer a suggestion of a Rega Mira integrated amp to match up with the Rega TT you currently have. I happen to own one of these and it has proven to be a solid performer with a nice sound. I'm imagining this could be found on the used market in the 400-500 range.

Good luck.
For an integrated try the Audio Refinement Complete or the Audio Analog Puccini. Either can be had for around $500 used. For speakers try a used pair of SPICAS. Both the TC-60 or Angelus are huge bang for buck bargins. I have the Complete/Angelus combo and it comes very close to my much more expensive Audio Research/Audio Physics combo. Or if you are really feeling froggy try a Decware Zen Amp and a used pair of Klipsh Herseys ( a sweet combo !). The ZEN amp has a volume pot on the back, so you could run your CD direct into the amp and use the pot on the back of the amp or if your CD player has a volume control use that instead. The Zen is a tube amp, but its very owner friendly, only $30 to retube. Cheers !
If you like Cambridge, the A3i that came before the A500 is a lot better and came with phono (not an add-on). It was designed by Michael Creek, so its like a 4330 with 20 more watts and phono for about $250 used. I have one in my den system and its a keeper.