Advice for Sub to match with Martin Logan Monolith III

Looking to add a sub to my Monolith III's,  like to keep it around $1,500 new or used.


Steve, there is a Martin Logan Descent active servo-controlled sub fs on the ’Gon at the moment within your price range. You could also pickup a 2nd hand JL Audio Fathom F110 sub within your budget, or stretch a bit for a 2nd hand F113 which average around $2k. Qualitatively the F113 would be on another level compared to the above ML sub & was a Stereophile Class A recommended component way back when I believe.

SVS SB13 Ultra - scratch and dent in Piano Gloss Black. 1,000 watt RMS amp. Regularly $1,600 but outlet price of $999 but with 5 year warranty and 45 day in home trial. Includes shipping too - which can be high for 100 pounds. I just picked up (2) yesterday for $1,899 (5% ($100) discount for purchasing two); which I realize is a little out of your specified $1,500 range but would be more better :D if you can swing it; and if your room is medium to large in size (you didn't say).  Either way, I expect that a sub can add much to the musicality and satisfaction of your ML system. Good luck!