Advice for Sub to match with Martin Logan Monolith III

Looking to add a sub to my Monolith III's,  like to keep it around $1,500 new or used.


Steve, there is a Martin Logan Descent active servo-controlled sub fs on the ’Gon at the moment within your price range. You could also pickup a 2nd hand JL Audio Fathom F110 sub within your budget, or stretch a bit for a 2nd hand F113 which average around $2k. Qualitatively the F113 would be on another level compared to the above ML sub & was a Stereophile Class A recommended component way back when I believe.

SVS SB13 Ultra - scratch and dent in Piano Gloss Black. 1,000 watt RMS amp. Regularly $1,600 but outlet price of $999 but with 5 year warranty and 45 day in home trial. Includes shipping too - which can be high for 100 pounds. I just picked up (2) yesterday for $1,899 (5% ($100) discount for purchasing two); which I realize is a little out of your specified $1,500 range but would be more better :D if you can swing it; and if your room is medium to large in size (you didn't say).  Either way, I expect that a sub can add much to the musicality and satisfaction of your ML system. Good luck!

Thanks Keith!  This may be the ticket.

Very welcome Steve.

I think/hope they will be the ticket for me as well.

They seem to be very well reviewed.

Maybe not *quite* a JL Audio Fathom F113, but they’re 1/3rd-1/4th the [$3,999] price.

I pulled the trigger and got one.   It'll go with my Martin Logan Monolith III's set up.  What are you running Keith?

Hey Steve, nice pick up.

Can’t go wrong at the price and the trial period, etc.

My main speakers are PMC PB1is. I’ve currently driving them with a Muscial Fidelity TriVista integrated, but I recently purchased some Bryston 7BST monoblocks (currently undergoing updating under warranty). Although the Musical Fidelity is very nice, Bryston and PMC are made for each other. We shall see. I will use the Brystons with Joule Electra and/or EE Avant tube preamp(s). NOS tubes of course ;). I’m using a Cambridge Audio CXC transport and a Wyred4Sound DAC2DSD (Furutech fuse). I also have a Clearaudio Ambient Solo Wood turntable, but I find I don’t use it much at all (pretty limited vinyl collection). Cables are Chimera Labs, MusicMetre, Harmonic Technology, power cords are TG Audio, TekLine Silver, ElectraGlide and Acrolink/Oyaide DIY. Speaker cables are TG Audio, Cabledyne and Clear Day.

My next purchase will be a streaming player (looking for suggestions) and a Tidal subscription.

Didn’t feel that I "needed" subs (in fact I had just sold my much lower power/smaller) subs locally. But I missed some of the benefits that subs provide when they energize the room and create the sense of filling out the soundstage at all frequencies. And I believe they will be great for both music and movies.

I am about 95% two channel audio/5% movies, but with 2 Bryston 7BST 500 watt monoblocks and two 1,000 watt 13" subs in my near future, I’m feeling a little bit of that Tool-Time Tim Allen gorilla grunt - ooo ooo ooo. :D Peace.

Wow!  That's  quite the system. I'm running a McIntosh C-22 highly modified preamp with a highly modified MC 275 Tube amp on mid and highs and a Legacy 2  transistor amp on the lows. Using a Shiit DA with my iPhone.  I was skeptical about using an iPhone as my source but the DA converter is amazing.  Also use a pioneer elite modified it cd player.  

Steve, nice.

I just got the CXC transport recently because my old faithful highly modified Pioneer Elite PD-65 bit the dust and gave up the ghost for the final time last year. And my $40 DVD player just wasn’t, um, "optimal". Debated going all file based, but I like having a disc spinner. For now. :)

Hey I just got a note from SVS - the 2 PB13-Ultras I bought yesterday... have SHIPPED TODAY via FedEx .. Gonna have subs in da howsss. Cue Jurassic Park tyrannosaurus walking through the living room. And da ghetto rattling car trunk noise hittin it hard yo... :D

Old school is hard give up!  I've haven't made the jump to digital movie.  Having a degree in audio  engineering, I still go for  straight music. If I had the budget I would love to listen and watch movies in killer sound.  Knowing myself I would spend way to much money, so I kept it to music only.  An addiction I have to control! :), as you know. 
Keep me posted on how the new rig sounds. Christmas all over!! 

Yeah, me too. Like I said, I'm 95% two channel music. Maybe having a pair of nice subs will allow me to consider horns or panel speakers next as well. 
A lot of panel speaker owners use Vandersteen 2Wq subs.  New list is around your price range, although I bought two of them used a few years back for under $800 each here on Audiogon.  I don't have panel speakers, but I love these Vandy subs.  A great value IMHO.