advice for speakers to buy ?

i have list of speakers to hear im live in israel and i wanna advice and details for speakers in range of 4K-5K $.
1.devore fidelity super8/
2.vienna acoustic. voice.
4.adagio acoustic zen.
5.sonus faber.
6.opera quinta.

this is my list that i need to hear ,i m know that the sounds is diffrent from speakers to speakers but i wanna know the details to the speakers witch amplifier i need to them and how is conceard to the best quailty from all the list ?
please write me what u thinking and suggest to me the amplifier i need to the current speakers that u suggest

thanks to all and sorry about my english is not so well pls help me to choose what is the best in this range ?
Hi Bolero, I personally own a pair of Vienna Mahlers V1.5. These are wonderful speaker with amazing musicality staging and detail. . . provided they are driven by a high power amplifier with a high damping factor. The newest generation of class D amps has both the control and finesse suited for driving Vienna speakers, as they have often damping factors ranging from 1000 to 4000. I recommend any of the following: latest Spectron Musician 3 stereo or monoblocks, Rowland 312 stereo, Rowland Continuum 500; If you prefer a just slightly cooler presentation, Nuforce Ref 9 SE, Rowland 501.
what is the size of your room and how loud do you listen?
your english is fine...nice to hear from you
Larry in Massachusetts
something you can hear in your room first before deciding
their all very nice, but living voice are perhaps a cut above in that price range. i would also (in that price range) look into ruark, which is a superb all rounder, and maybe even better than the living voice.
i like to know the current price in europ and usa bcz in israel the price higher bcz the the taxes . so people if u know the prices of all the speakers i wrote i will be glad to know .i dont wanna pay alot of money in israel.

and i dont understand what is the best quality speakers in my list or if u have another speakrs to suggest me?
my living room is 3*6 meter and maybe in the future it will be more biggest . i have power of advance aqustic +preamplifier of xindak xa3200
thanks anyway i expect to more opnion about the best speakers??