Advice for Pre Amp/Processor

Looking for expert advice on subject. Criteria is as follows: 7.1 audio analog inputs (for SACD among other purposes); 7.1 balanced speaker outputs; processing of all lossless formats including DTS-MA, True DD, etc.; network capability; and 5 or 6 HDMI inputs. Price point would be something between $2000 to $5000. Thanking you in advance.
One clarification: the HDMI need to be at least version 1.3, better if 1.4. A lot to ask for in a pre-amp/processor, especially when I value both audio and video nearly equal.
Plenty fill your requirements except that I do not know what you mean by "balanced speaker outputs." Can we assume you mean balanced preamp output?
Onkyo PR-SC5508, 5509
Integra DHC-80.2, 80.3
Marantz AV7005
Anthem AVM-50v
I think Kal hit all the ones in that price point. If you don't need five HDMI inputs I'd add the NAD M15 HD as well
The M15HD lacks XLR outputs.