Advice for new source.

I recently moved and lost the dedicated room so the system is doing double duty for 2 channel audio and movies. I have a crappy DVD player and a Rega Planet2000. Looking to replace the Rega with a similarly priced (on the used market) combination player. Don't get me wrong about the Rega, as I really so like it but, you know, change is good and I don't see another dedicated room soon. SACD is not essential since I only have about 4 of 'em (hybrids bought for the cd with a thought for the future)
I have been looking at the:
Sony DVP-S9000ES
Philips SACD1000 (or 963sa) (lotsa mixed reviews hear)

I'm sure there are other choices so do you know any that would be in the $600-$800 used arena. (I'd be willing to spend a bit on top of what I get for the Rega but money is a bit tight and I could sell some extra cables too.)

Any ideas?

PS. If you look at my system the photos are old but the information is current.
Jolida JD100
You can get the 963sa for pretty cheap, $340 shipped. Get it modded for $300-$500 and you'll have yourself a very nice player for not much money. There are several places that do these mods and from looking at the parts installed, the results should be exceptional.

I'm thinking the same as you are, so that's what I've come up with. I used to own the s9000es, have considered the sacd1000, but a modded 963sa seems to be the consensus pick for value, especially considering used s9000es's and SACD1000's go for $550-700. Supposed to sound pretty good stock too.

Good luck. Sorry no direct experience with the 963sa though. May pick one up in the next month or so.
I have been using a Toshiba SD-9200 for both movies and music. It is great for both. Former Stereophile class A cd player. You should be about to get one for about $500. Build quality is excellent. You won't be disappointed.
Thanks for the tips. The Jolida doesn't play DVD's.