Advice for new Integrated amp please.

Hello all. I am considering selling my Emotiva mono blocks and pre-amp and simplifying with an integrated amp. I moved from Magnepans (which needed lots of power) to the New Golden Ear Triton 7's which don't need nearly as much current. The models which interest me are the Marantz PM8004, Rogue Sphinx and Anthem225. I do listen to some vinyl so a built in phono section is a plus. My listening tastes are electric blues and classic rock. I live off the beaten path a bit so auditions are very difficult. Input, comments, suggestions appreciated....
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I believe that vintage Accuphase E202 won't have any competitors for your set up. Find one nicely serviced or one that can be nicely serviced and you won't regret.
Of the three you listed I had the Anthem 225 IA, it is a well made IA at it's price point and while I had it has a clean and detailed sound while driving my Paradigm Studio 40's. The Anthem can drive most any speaker rated at 8 ohms, but lacks enough power to drive 4 Ohm load speakers.
Since you already have the Emotiva components, why not just keep them? If its an appearance issue, maybe you can hide the amps somewhere and run cables. All things being equal, more power never hurts. Personally, I really like the sound you get when an amp never has to strain, even a little, while driving the speakers.
I agree with Zd. Boils down to how important it is to simplify. Though the integrateds you are considering represent good value I doubt they would represent an improvement. I have heard the Triton 7s, very nice speakers.
I'm using a Classe CAP 151 with Apogee speakers, it is a great match and would also seem to fit what you're looking for as well (and of course this is just my subjective opinion)but the presentation is very neutral and non fatiguing.
The new Croft Integrated from Acoustic Sounds. (I'm not affiliated with either. I own Croft gear)
What aspects of sound are most important to you? Hard to make any meaningful recommendation without that info.
I've recommended this BADA many times. It's the best inexpensive amp I've ever heard.
The Rogue or other tubed integrated. If you do a search you should be able to find heart felt testimonials endorsing one product or other. That Bada is interesting.
Thank you all for the replies and input. I will take them into consideration and may best move after all may be no move. I had thought a one box solution to amplification may be nice but perhaps not required.
Thanks. My primary listening is electric blues and some classic rock (Tull, Moody Blues). So, I like the impact or bite if you will of the electric guitar. The New Triton 7's I acquired provide more impact than my old Magnepan MMG's did but preserved the detail the MMG's are noted for. The bass is so good in the Tritons I sold my subs.
Interesting. I just placed an offer on one that just listed here. He'd like $675.00 for it. I haven't committed yet but the price seems fair enough...
I saw my local dealer had his demo Rogue Cronus Magnum up for sale here just a few days ago. I've heard it run Magnepan mmgs with Rel sub there...very nice! I recall the Tritons which I have also heard may be similarly tube friendly as well. Having heard them, I think I would consider a decent tube integrated perhaps if possible.
A tube hybrid intrigues me. Best of both worlds perhaps.
Tube hybrid could be interesting. Rogue seems big into that these days as well. Have not heard, but would expect very good results in general. I do run separate ARC tube pre-amp + Bel Canto Class D amp. BEst of both worlds indeed in many cases. Very liquid neutral (not warm) midrange, but can still be a touch warm sounding with some speakers that normally tend to lean that way, like Dynaudio.
The Rougue Sphinx is class D + tube pre. The tweeter in the Triton 7's is a version of the old Heil Air Motion tweeter. Or a mini-ribbon I guess. I would think a tube pre section would mate very well with that. I get the sense my Emotiva separates can be a tad bright(transistory?) with it.
I've heard the GE Tritons and Aons. Tritons were not set up well so I did not get a good sense of their potential. Aons were and there was a lot to like. THe folded ribbon delivered what I would describe as a more "polite" top end than other speakers I heard in comparison, less tending towards bright or edgy than the others. Good CLass D + tube pre is best of both worlds as often described. A good match on paper for use with GEs in general, I would think. Rogue SPhinx has goten some good reviews and Rogue in general tends to offer very high quality sound and good value with its products.
Thank you. What I like about the Rogue (besides the reviews) is that they are made right in PA (i"m from upstate, NY) and that appeals to me. I've owned McIntosh for the same reason. I'd like to simplify from the Emotiva mono-blocks and pre-amp (3 pieces plus cables, power cords etc.) but do not want to lose sound quality. Seems to be some nice integrateds on A'Gon right now...
Rogue SPhinx would be a nice fit into my second system if needed someday. By the time I need to change there, I'm expecting affordable tube/Class D integrateds to be even better and more common than today.

Personally, I would also love to build a second system around a nice VAC tube integrated someday, but not using tubes in the power amp makes for less maintenance and using Class D amps opens up a lot of choices for good speakers in a smaller package that might not work as well with a tube power amp.
I agree. Seems the hybrids are a growing variety. read some good things about the Rogue though it is a bit on the ugly side. Lots of choices, the BADA has popped up in a few comments. The Athem 225 I had eyed yesterday has sold already. A'Gon always seems to have some values but you must be ready to pounce.
Luxman makes some very nice integrated amps.
I have the Anthem 225 driving my 4 ohm Maggies. It drives them effortlessly.
Funny, I just sold my Maggies and want a "one-box-solution" amp to drive my new Triton 7's. Just don't feel I need all the current (and clutter) that my Emotiva mono-blocks provide.
I am not sure the Sphinx would tame the brightness as would the Cronus. I have heard the Tritons with tube amplification and very much enjoyed. Call Mark at Rouge and speak to him about this. He is great to work with.
Great advice, thanks!
I really enjoyed my Classe CAP 151 (before upgrading to Pass Labs), and you can get them with a phono card.
Thank you for your input!