Advice for killer desktop speakers

I am looking to upgrade my desktop listening experience and could use the advice of the community. Is there anything in the same price range as the Audioengine 5+ that I should consider? The Audioengines seem to be the consensus choice, but am unsure if this is just online hype and inertia. I do not want a subwoofer and I do not have enough desk space to go any bigger than the Audioengine 5. I tried using a pair of Kef Q150 speakers paired with a Dayton Audio APA 150 amp, but the speakers are just too big for my desk.  I think i would prefer to have powered speakers for the simplicity and utilize the Dayton in another room. I  normally listen at moderate volumes and need them to sound good at relatively low levels.  Any suggestions?

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Here are the best speakers I have had on my desktop, in descending order;

1. Dynaudio Focus 200 XD
2. Focal Shape 50
3. Kef LS50 
4. Anthony Gallo Strada / TR2Sub 
5. AVI ADM 9.1
6. Dynaudio Xeo 4/ x14a
7. Revel M22
8. Quad 12L Active
9. Magnepan Mini

What I have learned is that good stands are absolutely critical on the desktop. The strada come with superb stands, everything else needs something like the Isoacoustics, they are well worth the money.