Advice for integrated amps

I am looking for opinions of the krell kav300i, plinius 8150i, and the manley stingray integrated amplifiers. I have heard the krell but not the other two. Also, if there are any opinions about the audio research ca50. thanks.
The only comments I've heard about the Krell KAV300i is that the Classé CAP150 or CAP151 are as good but considerably cheaper. This was from a fellow who auditioned both and preferred the Classé. Haven't heard any comments about the others. Hope this helps. Joel.
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I listened VAC Avatar integrated amp. and Legacy Classic speakers and Wadia 830 cd player. It is one of the best sounding "gear" i ever heard. At any price! Few years back, i had chance to hear Wadia, VAC, Avalon (eton drivers, same as Legacy)but at price of 150k. This "budget" set-up is as close to the "real thing" as possible, for the price. Try VaC avatar.
Save your money, check out an Audio Refinement Complete Amp. Then buy more cd's!
I have owned the Krell for six months. It is a great amp. With proper system matching, the right cables and speaker placement, it is a steal at $2500. I believe it is difficult to know the qualities of a component unless you have lived with it for awhile and played around with the variables. When I first purchased the Krell, I had an Adcom gcd750 and was looking for new speakers. I auditioned a number of speakers in my home and ended up with Aerial Acoustic 6s. I then played with cables and interconnects. The results varied a great deal, and at times it was frustrating. I settled on cardas cables and jenalabs interconnects. I cannot speak for the other amps you mentioned based on my statement about living with a component, but I can tell you that when it comes together, it is very rewarding and I enjoy my setup everyday. My guess would be that if you take your time and match components carefully, you won't go wrong with any of the amps. If you don't, none of them will sound right.
I completely agree with the need to live with a component for a few months to really 'hear' it. Your ears do need time to aclimate. Just buy good quality.
The joule-electra VAMP is incrediable. It now gives you a 150 watts per channel and the first 25 are pure class A Triode. The mail things it gives you is incredible sound. It gives you according to Jud about 90% of the big OTLs and His best line stage. I couldn't justify the price difference. It can be bought for under 3000.
I listened to the krell, bryston, and Anthem Integrated 2 I picked the Anthem. 90 watts @ 8 ohms, great build quality, and a wonderful sound (at least to my ears) The Anthem is a hybrid unit that uses two 6922 in the output stage. I have replaced the tubes and the results have been better than I could have expected. The Anthem is less expensive than the krell and to me just sounds better. I do not think you can go wrong with any of the great integrateds out there. You must listen to them in your own listening room with your system. Try to do your own A/B testing and just follow your ears. My ears said Anthem. Your might as well. Just do not listen only to a dealer (they make a living selling their equipment) I hope you can spend the time to make the best choice for yourself. (my system: Sonic frontiers SFCD-1, Anthem Integrated 2, Near 50mkII, MIT 750II bi-wire, MIT Z-cord, Yellow vipers) GOOD LUCK!
Hi. I auditioned both the Krell integrated and the Classe CAP-151 integrated at home. I was disappointed with the Krell: sound and soundstage TOO FORWARD (in your face),volume level TOO TIGHT (even minor adjustments in volume too, too loud), and a disappointing upper end. I will say this about the Krell: really good upper and lower bass response. The Krell is great if you listen to rock. Forget it if you like classical or jazz. The Krell is not bad, it's just disappointing - and too expensive for what you're getting. Now, the Classe CAP-151: Good bass (not as good as the Krell, but still very good). VERY musical midrange: not perfect but...well, musical! Sweet upper range. Good for classical and jazz, but should be ok for rock (remember: 150 watts/channel will definitely pump out volume and bass). Best news: the Classe is built like a tank - heavy, solid, well constructed. And because it's made in Canada, you're getting more bang for the buck due to the very favorable exchange rate. It's $600 or $700 cheaper than the Krell. The Classe is designed so you can shut off the built in pre-amp section (with a push button) and connect a separate pre-amp if you decide to upgrade your system later.
I suggest you listen to the Jeff Rowland Concentra Integrated amp. Very musical, etc. I have one and like it very much.
I heard the Krell and agree with the assessments above - not nearly as good as the price would require. I owned a Classe CAP 100 - good sound, comparable to the Krell for a lot less scratch. I have since bought the Pathos Twin Towers and am in heaven - clarity, smoothness, detail, extension. If you can live with the heat a Class A amp puts out (it runs really warm) and have 8 ohm speakers which can live with 30 watts, it is an amazing piece. There is a used one on Audiogon for $3500 (comparable to the Krell) and would definitely look into it.