advice for integrated amp

I'm looking for an integrated amp to team up with my Joseph Audio 7si sigs and a new rega planet cd player(cables are Nordost solar wind).I'm looking for a s.s. piece(ideally with a phono stage and remote, budget is $1500-$2000 I'd appreciate any feedback.
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I believe, by knowing what speakers you have, i can tell that music you listen is "classical" "jazz" "blues"...not exactly in this order, but close? I would take VLT ST-85, 64Wpc tube integrated. Second, i would give Linn Majik a listen, great phono stage, and sound you wouldn't expect from the ss amp!
Consider the Bryston BP60 with remote. One of the audio mags used the Josephs when they reviewed the B60, and really liked the combo. Bryston's phono stage is said to be excellent. I own the basic B60, and used it with the Planet for more than a yr. Very good synergy. With Bryston's legendary reputation for customer service, and 20 yr. warranty, it will retain much of it's value for a long time, making it a truely safe purchace.
I owned the Bryston B60 and loved it. I would not match it with Joseph Audios though. I tried it with the RM22s and hated the combination. It was great with Meadowlark Kestrels though.
Musical Fidelity A3, A300 are extremely hard to beat for the money, they will embarass many seperate amp/preamp setups, beautiful rich sound, powerful, remote control, look great
I agree with Megasam and Tracer. Go for the Musical Fidelity A300, it's better than the Krell KAV300i. Very powerful (150 wpc in 8ohms), wonderful liketube sound. A real Bargain! A PIECE OF WIRE WITH GAIN! I would paid $4000 for this int amp but I got it for $1500. See , 30 day money back guaranty.
I have to go with the M/F A300. After audtioning many int. amps.-including the KAV300I and the CAP151. I found the A300 to have the best sound. As Jorge_err states, "wonderful tubelike sound". Throw in a great soundstage and dynamics and you have a great amp for the money!