Advice for high end tube preamp for ss amp HELP

Hello all audiogon friends. I have so much appreciation for all of you who take the time to answer my questions and give great advice time and time again. My newest question is advice for getting into a tube preamp. I currently have a krell ksa-100s amp paired with a krell krc preamp and do really enjoy the combo. I am thinking that maybe a high end tube preamplifier would be a wise move. I think I would benefit from a little warmer sound as I have extremely revealing Coincident Super Eclipse speakers. My requirements would be excellent reputation, user friendliness, ht pass thru, and compatablilty with my krell ksa 100s. I am thinking along the lines of BAT, ARC, or Thor. I will be buying used hopefully 1,000-2500 if it is worth it. These are just based on reading reviews, and opinions of others. I know auditioning would be best, but that isn't possible for me. I will have to buy based on help from my a'gon friends. Thanks to all for making me love this hobby.
Well, I have to say that I had the same desire for a tube preamp recently. I purchased (on Audiogon of course) a used Sonic Frontiers Line 2 Preamp.

It is an excellent sounding and utilitarian piece of gear. It utilizes 6 tubes- easy to find 6922's- and is surprisingly "uncolored". I am very happy with both the sound and build quality of the Line 2.

Search the archives and you'll find much more about this wonderful unit.

Good Luck.
I don't usually do this but I am going to recommend preamp I never heard before. Let's face it,whatever bill johnson doesn't know about preamps isn't necessary. ARC SP16. If you don't need phono get the line stage for less money. Has enough gain for moving coil and remote control. You can also use it in balanced mode with your Krell Ksa 100.
reputable store will give you store credit if you get it home and don't like it. also avialble used.
Another possibility, with phono, is the Cary SLP-98, which can be had used in your price. The Cary SLP-88 is also very nice, and can be had for even less. I am actually using the SLP-88 with a solid state amp (Belles 150 A) in my second system to good effect.
The ARC LS 16 has what you need and I like mine alot. It will be hard to part with.
I second the ARC LS 16 mk1. Lots of bloom for the price...
Rogue Magnum 99 has a good reputation too,tubed,metal remote,separate power supply and phono .Price is down to earth and company has excellent customer service.Sonic Frontiers is no longer in bussiness and that is a negative IMO.
I have owned both, the Rogue Magnum 99 and the Cary SLP98. I found the Cary a much better match for a ss amp, it brought a greater sence of a tube signature to the sound, that the Rogue lacked.

FWIW, both preamps were auditioned by Stereophile with great reviews, and in Chip Sterns conclusion of the Rogue he said its sound was somewhat "dry". I also found this true.

Both companys have excellent customer service, and when you call dont be surprised if either Dennis Had (Cary), or Mark O'Brien (Rogue),pick up the phone and answer your questions.
I would stay with the krell. My second move would be to use a mark lev. pre amp say a 38s. This will proberly get you where you want to go. You will not have to be concerned with DC feedback. My choice for tube would be ARC. I ran a ls22 with the Krell 100s and it was great. I now have Krell FPB300 with Ml 38s. Love it.
Krell does recommend a minor adjustment on their amps now if you are going to use tubes. Arc is designed to avoid DC feed back. Other high end units sould be as well.

Good luck
First Sound Presence Deluxe II....superb with precision detail, construction like a tank, 6 inputs, with the hotrod version, 1 input, but signal directly heated to the tubes. Just two 6922 tubes to worry about, tube rolling on the cheap. Upgradability in the future with factory mods. All around your price range. Great resale value. Beats most tube preamps outright. I would be wary of Rogue 99Magnum preamp, for it seems as if it is prone to RF interference as well as tube noise, if all is not perfectly in tune, such as matching tubes etc.