Advice for first pair of Maggies

I's like some feedback on purchasing my first pair of Maggies, specifically a new pair of MMGs vs. a used pair of something else.

A new pair of MMGs are the top of what I can pay now, and ideally I'd go with something less. Are there any advantages to the MMGs over other used models? Should any older models be avoided?

I will be powering the speakers with TAD Hibachi amps and an AES AE-3 pre-amp. I think this will make a good combo from what I've read, but I haven't actually heard these speakers in person.
Maggies sound great (fast, immediate, transparent, good imaging) and bass improves as the size increases. I own a pair of MMG's which I use in my wife's office/study area. She loves them, listening to music at low to moderate levels during the day. Unfortunately, the glue holding the ribbons can dry and release over time, particularly if exposed to sunlight, which can cause a "buzzing, and rattling sound" at certain frequencies. It is a cheap fix, using glue (the fix is shown online (google it if interested), but a real pain as it takes pretty much an entire weekend to undue all the staples holding the sox on, scraping the old glue near the damaged point and regluing before reattaching the socks. Magnaplanar company want's nothing to do with this fix other than to tell you how to do it yourself (for good reason- the hours of labor involved could almost justify buying a new pair). I would go with a NEW pair myself, but if you can audition a good used pair that haven't be highly exposed to sunlight, I would consider those as well. Just my 2 cents worth of "Things to consider when buying Maggies". A good functioning pair mated to the right amplifier can provide many hours of happy listening.
You might want to post some details on your music room. You will do well to select a model that fits the room well. As far as buying used, the older models have had problems with the glue failing after varying amounts of time. Direct sunlight and humidity extremes apparently speeded up the glue failure. I had a pair of SMGa's that did this. You will hear a nasty buzzing and you will know something is wrong right away. I've had a pair of 1.6QR's for 12 years and they have no problems at all. For today's going prices for used 1.6's, they are an insanely good buy. If I were buying maggies, I'd try to pick up a pair within driving distance and go see and hear them. Most people would rather not ship them, so that should work for both parties.
The glue issues in current or recently built Maggies is not longer true. Magnepan has changed the glue they use and the story is the newer modles will not come loose like older ones did.
The glue coming apart IS the issue for old Maggies.
It is a pretty easy fix to do, and if you look at the Planar asylum over on Audio Asylum, you can read about folks regluingthier Maggies.
I own new last Spring Magnepan 3.6s.
I almost was able to buy some used locally, but they and my money did not co-incide. So new it was. ((As shipping used Maggies is a bigger problem than most speakers, just 'cuz of thier shape).))
Maggies are a love them or hate them sort of speaker. I personally love them. They are probably my last pair of speakers.
Elizabeth is correct about the glue issue. Only the earliest Maggies had this problem. Magnepan corrected the problem in the early to mid 80's.

Room size is something to consider when selecting a speaker and Maggies sound better in a medium to large room.
My room is a rectangle, I think it's about 10'x15' but I'll have to measure to be sure. I am planning on putting the speakers on the short wall and will be able to place them 7'+ apart. There is a window in the middle of that wall. I will be able to bring the speakers 3' off the back wall, I don't know if I can do much more than that.

Are any other details needed to determine if the room will be a good fit? Thanks for your help!
That set up should work well. I've used an MMG Hibachi system in a slightly larger space with great success. Adding a sub later (maggies and subs DO mate well, if you use the right tools) will create a wonderful full range system. Your specific choices (MMG and Hibachi) are IMHO the first steps in a "crazy value" full range system

Good luck

The room may be a bit on the small side for the 1.6's. It may take some effort, but you should be able to make them work. 3' out should be OK, but you will probably want some window treatments to prevent reflection off of the glass. The smaller speakers such as the MMG's should be fine in your room. If you can make 1.6's work, you likely won't want or need a sub in a room that size.
You might want to also look at some MG12's. Best of both world's in between the MMG's and 1.6's. I think they are understated and will work well with your room size.
I too am considering buying Maggies, likely used. I've read about the delamination problems mentioned above so I called Magnepan for the straight answer. I was told the glue to attach the wires was changed in Sept. '05 so any speakers manufactured after that date should hopefully last longer.

This is not to say older speakers should not be considered. Only that a careful inspection will be needed and a price adjustment made if repair is necessary.

Good luck
(((Are any other details needed to determine if the room will be a good fit? Thanks for your help!))

Don't forget your AE3 pre amp
Inverts polarity flip both speakers polarity.
When you get the speakers remove the jumper and install the supplied 1.2 Ohm resistors.
I have owned both MMGs and MG12s.
The MG12s are a big step above. The MMGs are fantastic for the money.
I would consider a 2x200watts amp minimum. Because the MMGS is a very stable load, you don't need a super expensive amp. A pro amp will do.
I would consider mopad speaker pads under each feet so that the speakers stand straight up (you can use bricks as counter weights.
If you do not have much space behing them, I would place acoustic foam panels behind them.
Mangnepan sound is a GREAT experience.
If you listen to any bass dominant music such ad reggae, electronica, dub,various rock, etc....I would consider another speaker...the mg12s excelled at many things but also had obvious flaws.

Excellent point...I've got the 1.7's and Diana Krall sounds like she's naked and on top of me. Led Zepp makes me want get a sub woofer.

I would sat Maggies are best for vocal jazz...pretty average for rock and modern country.
Led Zep doesn't have much bass anyway...
Plenty of other more modern groups can massage your guts out.. but not Led Zep..
Nor Cream either...
If its for a small room, or your sitting close, MMG's. If your sitting over 8-9ft from them, I would ONLY buy the 1.6's, 1.7's. If you are near the 8-9 ft range, I'd try to swing the MG12's. Just my opinion from owning all 3 models
I measured my room and it's a bit bigger than I thought (13'x20'). I will be able to space the speakers 7'-9' apart and pull them 2'-3' off the wall. The floors are hardwood and there is a large, thick rug in the room. The speakers will not be on the rug.

My seating position will be between 5'-10' from the speakers. I am currently using a pair of Triangle Comete speakers, they don't have huge bass but some is still there. What would I need in order to not see a large drop off in bass from what I have now? With the room size better defined, does this help with determining what's a good fit?
The further you can place the Maggies from the front wall the deeper and bigger your soundstage will become. Three feet is okay, but six would probably be better...

All Maggies are Fantastic, especially for the money. However, they are probably not the best all-around 'rock' speakers; if your diet is really heavy into rock then I'd look for another option.
My listening preferences these days are mostly classical, jazz, acoustic then rock. No metal. I still like some bass I can feel though. If the maggies won't bring that, they probably aren't for me.
Stickman's advice on placement is correct. The 1.6's are going to be hit or miss depending on placement on the lowest note from a double bass (42 hz). My 1.6's are out about 4.5 ft and do pretty well. I get bass you can feel, but it won't knock your front teeth out. The bass quality is so good with the 1.6's I think it will satisfy most people who listen to classical. You want nice tight, articulate, tuneful bass for classical. You can get that from 1.6's when they are set up right. I said before, I don't think you can touch the 1.6's in terms of value considering the going rate for a used pair.
If you are listening primarily to jazz and classical I think that you would be very happy with the Maggies. Of course, if you can, as always, 'try before you buy.' Perhaps a fellow Audiogoner can let you get by for a personal audition. I'm in the Atlanta area.
BTW, doesn't Magnepan sell the MMG's direct with a 30 or 60 day money-back guarantee?
The MMG is sold 'money back' in 30 or 60 days. If you've got the room, you could give it a try. But, I'd find a retail outlet first, just to get the general idea.

You have 'upgrade' privilages, too. In the first year, you can trade up with various amount of credit for the MMGs.