advice for cd player

I need advice to substitue my Linn Genki with another cd player (or DAC+transport) that match better with other components of my system: Leben CS600; Harbeth C7ES3. There is also: Rega P3-RB 300; Nagaoka MP 200; Graham Slee Gram Amp SE;cables: Linn; Audience Conductor and Coductor E.
I like tube sound.
In particular I listen to chamber music and jazz.
Many thanks.
the linn rocks. you'll have to spend alot to stay in the same neighborhood. that said, arc, meridian, cyrus, mcintosh, and others ake solid players that deliver an organic sound.
take a look at MSB Ilink and one of there DAC's you will be set for a long time
Look for a used Linn Ikemi...huge upgrade over the Genki
Raysonic Audio CD168/CD128
Have a look at Ayon. The CD-2 won CD Player of the Year awards at RMAF 2009, and the newly released CD-5 is said to be a quantum leap over the CD-2.