Advice For Audio Refinement + Vandersteen Combo?

Hey Everyone,

Just got an Audio Refinement Complete integrated to go with my Vandersteen 1C's. The sweetness and detail are pretty terrific, but it just seems like a little low end might have got lost in the process with this setup.

Current cable is just the standard 12 gauge wire that comes from Lowe's (using bananas on each end). Interconnects are various Esoteric Audio, Monster, etc., so I don't think they're doing anything harmful.

So I'm hoping that somebody can possibly suggest a 9-10 ft. cable in the $150 range (used or new is fine) that might help with providing the best possible low end? If the highs have to be rolled off in the process, I can live with that.

Vinyl is my main source of listening (Rotel RP-955 + Dynavector 10X5), and I prefer a lot of electric guitar music, etc.

Of course if cable isn't the answer to the dilemma, please say so...

Any help is very much appreciated!
I get fantastic bass with the Complete and some little soliloquy 5.0 monitors using Mapleshade speaker cables and Transparent Audio Link 100 IC's. very deep, very punchy, very articulate and defined bass. Midbass is not at all muddy, but the deep bass is very powerful and solid. Actually, I also got great bass from Analysis Plus speaker cables (both Oval 12 and 9) too, just didn't like their more dry presentation as much.

I had the 1C's and I could never wake them up,the 1C's are just too polite.Ran them with Rogue and McCormack amps,they always left me wanting more.As far as the cable upgrade I used Alpha-Core Goertz MI-2,it helped a little but I moved on from Vandersteen.I would give the AR Complete onther chance with a different speaker.

Good Luck!
I use a Complete to power the NHT 2.5i's (86db efficient, 6ohm). Teh 2.5i's have a pronounced mid-bass bump regardless of amplification (if improperly set up). With the Complete the bass is tight, articulate, and prodigious down to their LF corner of I think 29Hz. I have even tried bi-amping them with teh high current 140w Parasound HCA-1205a. The Complete bested teh Parasound.

My guess is that the 1C's, with their time aligned design, are just too accurate. Unless you stick them in a corner to artificialy boost their bass you may find that their presentation is just too realistic. How big is your room?

Sorry, forgot to add that the room is about 15' X 11'...