Advice for an aspiring musician

Hi, I’m 15 and for the past year I’ve been recording and writing songs on GarageBand (yeah I know). I found it was a nice to be able to grab my phone when I was bored and write something that I wanted to hear.

I decided to make a SoundCloud to keep all my tracks in one place. My dad got my brother and I a ableton live mixing board. And I think ableton gives you even more freedom.

I’ve made the decision that this is something I really want to pursue. I was wondering what advice seasoned musicians could advise me to do. Do I get a degree in uni? What software do I use? I play drums and sax, what are some other instruments I should look in to learning?

Thanks in advance to answerers


And see as much live music as you can. Watching musicians perform live often reveals to you their "secrets". ;-)

whart...points taken.Have rubbed elbows with some great people/musicians and miss the fun of creating...most of the time.

Another suggestion to op is gear page might be more pointed to other's that are in the business of recording and tuber's...?

Yet another example of folks being sucked into a conversation by a bot 🤖 which ends up generating an interesting discussion.  Just be sure not to click on the link, which is almost certainly nasty malware!

How can you tell it’s a bot?  Simple,

My dad got my brother and I a ableton live mixing board.

obviously it’s “My dad got my brother and ME”

(Just kidding—but it really is a bot!)


I’m an engineer not a musician but my advice is always to follow your passion because passion fuels success.