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hello to all dear ones.
I am going to buy a hi-fi system. I am quite determined about the speakers (Dali Oberon 7) and the cd streamer player (Marantz nd8600). As for the amplifier, I am undecided between Marantz pm8006 (but I don't need a turntable) and Cambridge cxa81. I ask you for an opinion about these components. Tell me if there is an equally valid amplifier in that price range. I thank those who want to express their opinion.
Best wishes
@bluorion thnaks so much!

dear @audioguy85  what you offer me is a really good deal. And if I lived near you, I would immediately run to you. But I live in Italy and I have to consider whether buying in the USA involves more risks than advantages. I refer to the warranty and product support, taxes, shipping costs. Either way yours is really a great price.
A curiosity: eventually at what price would you sell both pm8006 + nd8600?
Instead of a CD player, have you considered something like the Innous ZenMini MKIII?  I’ve never used a Marantz CD player so I can’t comment on their comparative sonic qualities.  The ZenMini does not have Bluetooth.

I ripped my CD collection to a Zenith MKII and haven’t looked back.  The SQ is much better than my McIntosh MCD player (which isn’t saying too much because it is 15 years old).  And I love the convenience of not having to load CDs anymore.  

Innous players get awesome reviews.  You might want to check them out. 
Be aware that after a merger with Denon, both Marantz and Denon were subsequently purchased by Sound United. I'm always concerned after mergers and acquisitions like these that cheaper components will be used by the new parent company to increase profits. If I were going to buy an integrated amp, I'd look no further than Yamaha. They are a private company, use high quality components, and have the best reliability ratings of any amp manufacturer. Also, if you ever decide to have both a home theater system and a music listening system, I'd go for at least a 7 channel amp like this one:
... I'd look no further than Yamaha. They are a private company ...
No, Yamaha is publicly traded, and is a component of the Nikkei index.
Marantz is still a fine brand. No compromise as yet in quality as part of Sound United. I have a cd6006 and it represents excellent value. While there are certainly better players, a 10x cost factor was not worth the small improvement. It interfaces extremely well with the other components in my system, but may not in another.

I was a Yamaha fan for both home and pro use for decades, but don't find much to get excited about these days in the components I have heard. YMMV

An HT amp has no place in a HiFi.