advice cd player with great preamp section

I am in search of cd player with great preamp feature.I used to have Meridian 808.3 so I know it is a useful feature to have,it sounded little sterile to e though.I am looking for more musical cd animal like mybee Ayon cd5s,McItosh 1100 perhaps AMR cd 77.1 with no preamp section.Any other recommendations?I have a Tannoy Westminsters Roayal and tranzistor integrated amp Sroll Lyric,Kimber KS3035 and Harmonix HS101GP XLR int.
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There is also Audio Aero La Fontaine ,itsupposed to be extremely good cdp with preamp.Any thoughts?
So I'v got McIntosh MCD 1100 + MC2301 monoblocks and I am very happy with the result.
I always been attracted to Mcintosh gear and his CDP is one of them. For the price worth it then?