Advice: CD player w/volume control around $5K used

Hello everyone,

I own a Mark Levinson No.39 for more then 4 years now and i just sold it recently to make an upgrade. In the city where i live in i only have a very selected dealers. I demo a Accuphase DP85 and Wadia 861se but in the cost is way over my budget. The Accuphase is very nice and has sacd option.

I just need some advice so that i can make a path. My budget for a used cd player with volume control is 5200-$5300 .

Audio Aero Capitol Mark 2
Another vote for the audio aero capitole mkII, not only is it less money then the wadia and accuphase it sounds better. I used to own accuphase seperates, and have auditioned wadia digital many times, they don't come close to offering the musical enjoyment produced by the capitole.
Okay, here it comes: Listen to The Tireguy and Majames.
Try a muse. The make terrific cd players. Also try a used wadia 850 with a great northern sound statement upgrade.