Advice about Tekton: replace ATC SCM20 SL with Tekton Electron?

Dear all
I have been intrigued by all the reviews and posts about Tekton loudspeakers. Furthermore, I would have the space for a Tekton loudspeaker and would opt for the Electron.
That said, I do own an ATC SCM 20SL that I modded with Duelund cabling, resistor and coild, and  Mundorf silver/sold caps, as well as with a Mundorf AMT. It sounds very nice. However, I would like a more massive sound, especially for complex orchestra. I am looking to immerse in big sound in addition to having the intimacy, precision and naturalness. I feel the Tekton could do that. 
However, I would probably need to mod the Xover, which is costly, to get to the same level of refinement my ATC offers. Any advice or recommendation would be welcome. I am in Europe, so ordering and returning an Electron would be costly.
I have a Chord Mscaler with Hugo2 and Job225, no preamp.

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Mundorf ATM in the ATC 20?!! Please explain. Indeed interesting.