Advice about Audio Mirror T-61 Preamp .

Hello. I'm wondering if anybody can providing me some feedback about the Audio Mirror T-61 preamp, their strengths and weaknesses.

I am willing to complete my main rig. Up to now I have as source a MHDT Labs Havana DAC (2.6V, <800 ohm), with my PC as the transport, a Bryston 3B-ST (sensitivity 1V to 50Kohm) as power amp, and a couple of AV123 X-Statik. The missing element is the preamp (by now, I'm using an old receiver).

Within my budget (about US700) and my requeriments, there is not many choices for a little tubed preamp with remote volumen control. After my research, I think the best is apparently, the Audio Mirror (point to point silver wired, Sonicaps, R-core transformer, made in USA, etc) but there is a lack of feedback about it (unlike the DARED SL-2000A for instance), despite it began in production about 5 years ago.

Your advice regarding this preamp, or any other remote controled within my budget will be very appreciated, as I can't listen to them, or take a trial period, as I am not in the States.

I had one for about a year. It's a good preamp for the price. The sound is definitely on the full/warm side, with surprisingly good bass extension. It does have a moderate amount of rolled off highs, and not the final word in detail. If you're looking for a warm-sounding preamp, the Audio Mirror is your ticket.

Thanks for your response Michael. Yours had Russian 6N1P tubes?.
I think Radii ALP-01R could be a fine contender too. It has a couple of good and consistent reviews.

I had what I assumed were the stock tubes. I never tried any other tubes. If you're interested in a "tubey" sound, the Audio Mirror preamp offers it for a reasonable price.

YS Audio Symphonies plus anyone??
Ok. So, I pulled the trigger on a Audio Experience Plus-R, based mainly in a lot of opinions spread around the web of customers happy with their preamp. I liked the Audio Mirror, but when I googled about it, It seems that have been many more "For Sell" ads, than people really satisfied with their preamp. I only hope the preamp to be a good performer, and to get the right 12AX7 tubes to get a good soundstaging, a dynamic sound, and these elusive "life-like" feeling.
Thanks for the update. I'm not sure that your perception of the Audio Mirror not being a strong preamp for its price range is accurate. It is a lush preamp, but has pretty decent dynamics and bass response and very good soundstaging. I remember mine fondly.

Let us know how the Audio Experience works out!

Michael. Actually I'm not sure that the Audio Mirror is not a strong preamp neither. Ideally I would auditioned both preamps. That way I couldn't go wrong. But having to take the right choice based only on the thoughts written on the web by customer of both products, I only could go with the preamp with a largest number of good (and more enthusiastic) reviews, and hope it will be the right choice.

Now, I'm waiting for my new preamp. I hope to return here to post my impressions "right out of the box", and after rolling some tubes.