advice about analogue source

I need advice to substitue my analogue source (Rega P3-Rega RB300-Nagaoka MP200) with another that match better with other components of my system: Leben CS600; Harbeth C7ES3. There is also: NVA Phono 2/PSU Head Amplifier; digital source: EAR Acute Gold; cables: NVA SSP interconnect; Acoustic Revive; Audience Conductor E.
At this moment, I'm thinking of the following options, but I accept kind advice about another source:
Linn Sondek LP12-Akito-Adikt-Lingo
Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus-Tabriz ZI-Corus Silver
Sota Sapphire-Origin Live Encounter MK3c-Clearaudio Aurum Beta S
Rega P9-Rega RB1000-Rega Exact.

Many thanks.