My father in law passed away a couple years ago and my husband and I inherited his home theater system. It's way too sophisticated for us and we are hoping to sell. The problem is we have no idea what we really have. We have receipts showing how much he paid in 2011, when he bought everything. But no idea how much to ask or how to list it. The manufacturer site recommended selling through your company and we'd love to have some help. Here is a list of what we have:

Two each of Aperion:
Intimus 5T (5.25 2.5-way)

S8 Subwoofer
Marantz AV Surround Receiver NR1602

I believe there is something wrong with the hdmi ports on the Marantz and there is an entire tub of high end Monster cables and some sort of audio test gadget.

Thanks for any help.
I’d try eBay. This site charges an upfront listing fee. You can also search eBay for comparable listings and what they sold for. This site does have a blue book section but they charge for it. I'm not knocking this site just saying in your case eBay may be more feasible.
Thank you!
Where are you located?
I would try to figure it out, get the local AV guy to help with set-up and maybe a all in one remote programmed for your system. 

If you sell, verify the operational condition before listing. You can also try audioasylum listing which is free. There is always uncle henrys.