Advent Model 300 tuner/receiver

I have an Advent Model 300, but I can't really think of a use for it. I'm trying to decide if its worth hanging on to, selling or throwing away.

Does anyone have any info on it?
I have one. They're terrific. Very sellable based on condition.
I just took mine off the shelf, hooked it up to a pair of Realistic Minimus 7 Speakers (modded crossover) and it sounds great on my local classical NPRÂ…thanks for the reminder
Anyone compared Advent 300 to any good modern pre-amps?
This is an absolute classic. Very nice sounding piece with good FM. Makes for a great little bedroom system or whatever. Totally sellable.
Sound of the Wood modifies these units for use as high end phono preamps. The phono section is rated quite high. The tuner is also very sensitive and accurate. Output is low (about 15 WPC) and they were made on the cheap in Mexico, so they don't stand up well over time.
If it works and you want to sell it let me know! I have one and it is a great little receiver!
Phono stage designed by Holman of Apt Holman fame. A bargain preamp with a decent tuner.
They were very popular and sold out fast back in the old Tech Hifi days.

Phono pre-amp and tuner were particularly valued.

Many were refurbs. I seem to remember a lot of blown fuses/one side out with many.

Would love to have one in good working order today. A classic.
The Advent 300 was designed as a quality tuner/preamp, with a modest power section to get you by until you could afford a separate amp equal to its abilities. I remember reading that in an interview with Henry Kloss back when it came out.

$ensible Sound reviewed it when it first cam out (mid-'70s when they still did subjective evaluations), and compared it to the Mark Levinson of they day. They found that when they modded it by bypassing the tone controls, it came crazy-close to the sound quality of the Levinson, and it took days of listening to discover a miniscule difference in transparency in favor of the Levinson.
Very unique and cool looking piece. When I sold mine on
Audiogon a few years back, buyers were having a feeding
frenzy on who would buy it first. Even after selling it I
received an email from member who wanted me to email the guy
that purchased it from myself and let him know that he would
buy it from him at a much higher price. Go figure.
That would make a cool computer amp if you needed one.