Advent Legacy Specs?

Hi, Newbie here, great site!
I search the web and cannot for the life of me find the specs for Advent Legacy speakers. I even called the company that now owns them and they don't have the specs.
The model I have has the 10" woofers, and where purchased in the early 90's.
Any help with this would be much appreciated.

My dad still runs a pair of original Legacys.

I might be a little off, but I believe their efficiency was on the order of 86 - 88 dB/Wm with a frequency response of 0.04 - 20kHz. In reality, though, he routinely got response down to about 0.035 kHz, with everything falling off rapidly below that (as is the nature of sealed, large driver enclosures).

I'll give him a ring to see if he still has the owner's manuals. If he does, I'll write again. I cut my teeth in the world of audio with these speakers, though, and I think I'm relatively close with my memories! Ah, the memories!
'take care of your advents, and your advents will take care of you'- college buddy 1973.......its still true today.