advent eq

looking for info on an eq unit that was put out by advent sometime in the 70's-80's.the system came with an eq unit and 2 small speakers.the eq unit had 4 or 5 settings.if i remember correctly some of the settings were like club setting,symphony hall,auditorium,etc any info i can get on this unit would be appreciated
Are you thinking of Bose.They were famous for EQ's used for their 901's.
Hello, the unit you are thinking of was an 'ambience delay unit'. It came out in the late 70's and was manufactured by Koss, not Advent.
I don't think they have any idea what they were looking for.Somebody gave the answer for the Advent question,and they reposted the same question again,same day.There was at least 6 different brands of those kind of units.I don't remember any of them having an EQ.Their earlier question.[]