“Advanced sound”

Sometimes in some LP records, I can hear in a very low volume,

an advance of the sound is near to come.

Can anyone explain why this effect ?

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It's called pre-echo.

When the first vinyl "music" groove is cut it sometimes distorts the wall of the groove preceeding it.


I used to notice this on some lightweight import LP’s (Fripp & Eno comes to mind), but not very often.


I’ve also heard it on R2R tape that I recorded @ low speed, but not certain it was from the source (LP) or the tape deck itself, though it seemd to happen more often so maybe the tape deck was the cause.



Dearb @pinotnoir  : In theory that does should not happens but yes sometimes happenas because is a failure along the cutting or pressed or some where down there by the gentlemans that have that work: is a " mistake ".


Till today I still like the Antileon, good.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


I had a copy of Led Zeppelin III many years ago that had pre-echo on the first song. I founf it interesting.

Thanks folks, I was concerned about some problem in Azimuth, VTA ...

adjustment and I've been changing the settings to avoid this pre-echo.

without significant results.

Antileon is updated with complete condensers set.

Sounds pretty good.


Dear @pinotnoir :  " Antileon is updated with complete condensers set..."


What a coincidence because I just changed the filter power supply capacitors in my Levinson 20.6 monobloks and in my case not only " sounds pretty good " but a quality level sound performance I was not " prepared " to: outstanding/overwhelming.


Nice to know that you have good experiences with your Gryphon on the same issue..