Adv for the most musical DA?

owning the Theta GenVa and matching with CEC TL-1X for certain time, The GenVa still the best controling of the bass and warm,and very musical for the CEC Transport. Now try to find better than them. Can anyone recommend?Thanks!
Audio Note DAC 4 Signature or even the new DAC 5. Best I've ever heard at any price!
About a year ago I replaced my Theta Pro Gen Va with a MSB Platinum. I'm very happy with the Platinum. This year I purchased the dCS Elgar and 972 upsampler. This combo is more musical than the Platinum but way more expensive.
Guys thanks for your advice.It really helps.
WADIA 270/27ix - simply the best...
THE most musical, and flat out best DAC I've ever heard is the Entec Number Cruncher. It's made my tt nervous.
In addition to my other DACs, I also own an Entec Number Cruncher (the latest version), with an SRP of 599 it is a good value and has excellent bass but it isn't in the same league as the absolute best upsamplers/DACs.
Pls1, you are confusing the Entech Number Cruncher with the Entec Number Cruncher.....Both were designed by Demian Martin, one was $5,000 and the other $599. as I recall and there is a little bit of difference between the two and the Entec Number Cruncher has now risen to $7,000 sold on a direct basis and the Entech Number Cruncher, built by Monster, is being discounted off the $599 price.......The latest units are in the same package as the CTC Blowtorch I also build and are sold under the company name DDR Mfg. DDR is a partnership composed of Demian Martin, Tony DiGiovine and myself and we build a DAC and Transport 12K for the pair sold direct....Hope this is clear....


Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders/DDR Mfg
Sorry, Plsl, but I believe you're talking about a different animal, the Entec made by Demian Martin for Monster Cable retails for about $399, and is not the unit I'm talking about, to say the least. The Crosby Entec , modified by CTC is one of the finest DAC's out there and if you want one new it'll cost you about 7K. It eats the one you're talking about for snacks and most of the "absolute best" for dinner. I've had in my system most of said best, the latest being the top dCS upsampler/DAC combo. Sold it. Hell, my stock Sony 777 sounded as good as that. On redbook.With the exception of the Burmeister, I've had/heard what many consider the absolute best, the CTC modified Crosby Entec Number Cruncher smokes most of em and compares admirably with those 3X as expensive. And mine is the latest version, latest upgrade/mod from CTC done within the last 2 weeks. This unit is the real deal, and if available used at a good price, a bargain. The one I believe you're talking about is low-Fi.
Hey, thanks for setting me straight. I'll have to track this down and give it a listen.