Aduioquest Sky & Cheetah

Sky & cheetah are Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) .

Anyone knows how much difference they are?
I've owned both for long periods of time, and compared both.
I ended up selling all my Cheetah several years ago for the Sky.
Cheetah is quite good, but if you want the best, you want Sky.
Sky has more low level detail and less distortion. Highs are cleaner and they sound more like "no wire" when compared directly to Cheetah. Cheetah provides most of the sound of Sky, and costs a LOT less. I believe the conductor sizes are slightly different, and the insulated tubes holding the conductors are larger (so less insulation actually touches the silver wire). Flexibility is better with Cheetah.
Hope this helps.


Thanks for you reply.

I owned Cheetah before,and would like to try top model of Audioquest.
Sky's price is a double of Cheetah.It's hard for me to take this risk.
Try homegrown audio sc-8 or DNA. Free 30 day trial and generous upgrade policy. Both are less expensive than the Audioquest product. While I can not speak to the sky both of the aformentioned homegeown products where superior to my Anacondas by a large margin.

I am not affiliated with homegrown audio in anyway. Just a satisfied customer.

I owned the Anacondas as well, for a good length of time (1 year+) The Cheetah dumps the copper Anaconda (and at a cheaper msrp I believe). There was no comparison in my system...

I agree that the double price point is hard to swallow. You perhaps would be better served with the money spent towards a different upgrade. I only went with Sky because the rest of my system was as far as I could take it at the time.


In my system the difference between Sky and Cheetach was very noticable (better resolution and soundstaging) and easily warranted the price diff. At the time I was using Audio Aero Capitole mk II SE into Lamms M1.2 Reference and Avalons Eidolon Vision.

I have changed my sytem many times since, tried many different cables, but the Sky are still with me.
Czbbcl :

I owned Homegrown Silver Lace, not my cup of tea.Silver Lace a little bit(just a little bit) harsh in high.Not better than Cheetah but cheaper.

I have not heard the audioquest silver products so I can not comment on their specific performance in my system. But what I can say is that I sold both my Anaconda interconnects and Volcano speaker cables and purchased the DNA interconnects and X32 speaker cables from HGA for even money and got in exchange a far superior performing product. They are very smooth, natural and detailed with no hint of harshness what so ever.

Which leads me to my point that products within a brand tend to exhibit similarities. The case with audioquest (IMO) being over priced for the level of performance their products offer.

I uesed to love Audioquest cables and swore by them but that certainly isn't the case now.

I must tell you that because I have Vandersteen 5A's, and because Mr.V wires those spkrs with Audioquest silvers, I naturally had Sky and their comparable spkr wires on loan to try. You're not going to believe this, and neither did I. I auditioned Purist Anaversary, Cardas whatever that was, Kimber Select, etc. and Anti-Cables sounded best by far...and saved me tons of cash. Try them - I have no affiliation with the company. They give a money back guarantee. Its worth the audition.
I am with Stringreen and to my point. You do not have to spend a ton of cash on cables to get great performance.

How about Audio metallurgy G0 ?
Anybody have tried this model?
I have gone from the Cheetahs to the Skys. I found it gave a bigger presentation, smoother and cleaner treble, It was alot of money to upgrade, but for me the cost was worth it.