ADS tribute website?

As a one time fan of A/D/S acoustic suspension designs, is there a web resource charting the development or specifications of the models offered by this once noble company?
I'm still an ADS fan, having owned/still own several pairs of their great speakers! I would like to know of such a thing as you suggest, so I will watch this forum question intently!
No website that I am aware of, however there are lots of folks like you and I who still enjoy a/d/s components. I personally have made a large collection of their speakers as well as the Atelier series electronics.

Michael Kelly, the true mover and shaker at a/d/s back when, went on to found Aerial Acoustics. Mr. K is a very personable individual and most pleasant to talk to regarding the so called "golden years" of hifi.


Paul :-)
I have had a number of ADS speakers and still enjoy my L1290s very much. I would love to see such a website.
Nice to hear comments on what I still believe to be the "golden age" of audio.

I used to think that perhaps I was just being sentimental, but I would say now that my a/d/s 2001 biamped "Mobile Fidelity System" with a Nakamichi 250 and meticulously recorded cassettes was one of the most musical, enjoyable systems I have ever heard.
Yes ,a web site would be great as I have a pair of 910's with the original stands and they are truly amazing speakers.The fact that they are 4 ohm means you dont need an amp with a huge amount of power? They are bi and tri ampable but I could never find the push in cards so I have avoided doing so. I also have 2 extra tweeters and mids along with a spare pair of the huge crossovers,I wish more companys would design the crossover like them?It's nice to be able to pop them on and off in a few seconds!
There isn't an a/d/s website but once I ran across a site which had a detailed listing of (German) Braun hi-fi products. This may be of use to you as a number of a/d/s designs were, in actuality, Braun products. Perhaps a search of the web will lead to this site.
Yes, Theduke you are right about that as I also have a pair of Braun's that I bought because I realized they had also the same drivers. The cabinets are alittle banged up but they probably sound pretty good. I have never tried them but I knew the drivers were to good to pass up! They are about 3' tall and originally had those metal grills. They were great looking cabinets I'am sure when new! I would like to get another pair of 910's but they are scarce? Cheers
I was handed down a PB1500 Powered Sub and C1500 Bass System Controller. It seems there is a loose wire in the left channel, but still works. The "WAF" did not score very high in my house as it is a pretty good size cabinet. I may keep until we finish off the basement, but I will need to get it "tuned up" first. Any thoughts?
New to this website but a huge fan of ADS stuff. Own a pair of L1530s that I've kept in perfect condition. I'm seeking the C2000 biamp to enhance my system and improve the low end. Anyone know where I can get my hands on one?
I use my 1530s with Carver's sonic holography and it sounds just grand! I listened to a gold disk of the Who's Tommy last night (first time in years) and I heard stuff I've never noticed. (and so did my neighbors... :)
Colorado Jeff