ADS speaker 's

Does anyone know the difference in the A/D/S/ ADS 7" speaker #'s.
Specifically The difference between 206 0321, 206 0325 and
206 0343. I would think the Q's are different for different size boxes??? I posted an earlier thread asking for replacements for my L420's which have 206 0321 and have received good leads but no one with my exact model #. Thanks in advance for anyones info. Joe S
Ask Mike Kelly @ - those were done during his reign. @ a/d/s/
Thanks to the indivdual that suggested I call Mike Kelly at Aerial. Mike stated it's been too long and he has no idea about model #s of drivers. It really amazes me that there is no site for vintage ADS info. Even ADST doesn't know ???
Where have all the old product manuals and dealer manuals gone??? Still need help. I just hate to slap a driver in thats not an exact match and buying another set of L420's to obtain one just seems excessive and expensive. Everyone wants premium price and high shipping costs. I'm just a lover of music and want my L420's up and running.
Thanks again for any replies or info! Joe S