ads m15 speakers

any one have these ? thanks rocky.
Had em for a while. Not bad, but the L-series are better. (L-1290, L-1590, et al)

I had a pair of a/d/s/ M12's and though nice, didn't have the dynamics I wanted with my Accuphase gear.
They are very clear,great detail with voices. Great speakers,laid back sound,well behaved.
Image super for a floor standers.
The m15 with it's bigger bass drivers might go deeper than the M12, the M12 didn't go real deep, with two eights in a big cabinet, I thought they should go low when called for,but they couldnt, so I thought "whats the point?"(of a large speaker) and sold them. Not forward at all,lots of depth..They do have their good points.. I wouldnt mind getting the large bookshelf version and running them with a sub. The build is also WONDERFUL, heavy, nice real wood finish.
I don't own a pair, but I auditioned a pair when the M-series had just come out. The demo powered them by a pair of Meitner monoblocks.

I also know where a pair in excellent condition is available for sale. What do you want to know?