ADS L810 speaker terminals

I have a pair of ADS L810 I love them sound awesome,but the speaker terminals in the back are not holding the speaker wire tight enough so they cut out peridically at least it appears to me. I tried speaker pins too and have yet to find a pair that will hold securely..

Are these easy to replace?Are they wired into the Cross over and are parts available? I know Mr. So in AZ probably has parts, but I would like to do the repair myself.
Are you sure the sound is cutting out because of the speaker wire connection? Is your wire the correct gauge for the connector? Keep in mind, by changing the connector you will change the sound and it may not be for the better.
I had a pair of L810s, plus since I first got into audio in 1972 I'm very familiar with the spring tension speaker terminals for bare wire. If a terminal isn't holding the wire in place, then the spring may be broken or has lost its tension.

It was a funny era, those '70s. I've even seen McIntosh amps with those spring terminals. If you go to Parts Express, you'll see plenty of speaker terminal modules in various size and shape terminal cups and plates, one of which may fit your speakers without modification.

If I were keeping a pair of L810's for the long term, I'd probably get some very nice 5-way binding posts, maybe even Cardas or WBT. I'd also put some thick felt around the midrange and tweeter to reduce cabinet diffraction (but I digress). Still, if you want to keep it simple, get the spring-terminal pair most like your original.

I honestly don't know how much a terminal upgrade would change the sound. I suppose it might mean the signal is going through a bigger lump of brass, so maybe the simpler spring terminals are better for sound. They fell out of favor partly because the holes weren't big enough to accept large gauge wire--which is why pin terminals were invented.
Watch the bass.