ADS L710 speaker spring connector repair experts

I have a nice pair of ADS L710's (original owner) that cut out periodically on one speaker. I am pretty sure the +/-spring clips on rear have become loose somehow and need replacement or repair. (If I push on either of them sound returns) There does not seem to be any way to remove the clips from the rear (no screws, etc). I'm guessing you have to remove one of the woofers and get at the clips from the inside of the speaker. Does anyone have experience with this repair and have tips on difficulty? I'm fairly handy but don't want to pull out the woofer without some sense of what I'm getting into. Thanks for any help. 
Are you shure that you have a L710 because I don't see a spring loaded connector, the whole connection area has four screws holding it to the back , And I think you have to remove it from the back and the connectors should have a wires attached to it, it also looks like you have a fuse holder I would get a Multimeter and put it on continuity and move the  connections around with your finger and see if you lose the tone of the multimeter.
Definitely have 710's, but I believe they are an early version. There is no fuse holder or 4 screw "plate" to remove. Further research indicates the connectors are attached to the crossover mechanism, which maybe imbedded in the cabinetry vs. screwed on with 4 screws. Checking eBay I see sets of spring connectors for sale, all seem to have a screw that would be tightened from the inside of the cabinet. Maybe more complicated than I thought. 
If you look closely at the photo on ebay, it appears that they are secured by a screw...which assuming it is through the speaker wall suggests that you may be able to twist them off (unscrew them).  But there is always the possibility that the screw head on the inside of the cabinet will turn as well which will mean you will have to drop the woofer to get to the screw head.
Yes, early versions were as you describe and then they produced a few more "sealed backplate" versions with screw posts and then with the posts and a single fuse holder.

Afterwards they were accessible from the back of the speaker.

You will have to remove the woofer to see what's going on and if the crossover is in the way.