ADS L1290 Speakers

Hello all and happy Memorial Day weekend.  I recently made a couple changes to my audio system.  I was using a Yamaha DSP A1 integrated amp (about 120 watts per channel) with a set of Wharfedale Rubiance RB-27 floor standing speakers (both about 20 years old).  I recently acquired a pair of ADS L1290 speakers and a Sansui B-2101 power amp at 200 watts per channel (with 600 watt).  I am keeping the Yamaha in line for its preamp (at least for the time being).  I also will continue to use a 15" Mirage FRX-S15 powered downfiring subwoofer.

Which is a better option? The Yamaha has a setting to push everything below 70 Hertz just to the subwoofer.  Would it be better to engage that or have the full signal range go to the L1290's with the subwoofer in play? 

Also, what's the best toe-in for these speakers?

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ditto with toe in, try some....ADS lean ever so slightly to forward in treble, so I never point tweeter too far in...and I sold a TON of them and still have a pair of the small three ways....

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I started this with purchasing a pair of KLH Kendall speakers. After trying these out at home, I decided that they were not the significant improvement I was looking for (they are going back to the store I purchased them at) over my Wharfedales. I was gong to next try the Vandersteen 2CE's (since many people recommended them). I then acquired the ADS L1290's which blew me away (detail, presence, soundstage, dynamic range and depth are all heightened more than ever before). I may still get the Vandersteen's just to satisfy my curiosity, but this may be the end of the rabbit hole for me.
    Not long after I got a pair of ADS L1090s (very similar to 1290s but with ~7" dia. twin woofers instead of 8" ones. Then I moved to the Boston area and it was easy to get some factory platform/plinths for them. A year later I got some floor spikes for the plinths. This tightened up and clarified the sound. I towed the speakers in toward the sided of my head and got an improvement in imaging.

    A few years later I got a VSP Labs Gold Edition very high current MOSFET amp. This was J. Gordon Holt's favorite amp when it was in production in the mid-'80s. It put out 200 wpc into 8 ohms, double that into 4 ohms, was stable down to zero ohms.

That extra power and current made the bass deeper, fuller, *and* cleaner.
Johnnyb53, I have read that the ADS's like lots of power.  Your VSP Labs is similar in power rating to my Sansui.  When I was running them with my Yamaha (110 wpc), they were nice, but really came alive with the Sansui.  I've heard the Sansui has tonal characteristics like a tube amp and will sweeten the sound of the L1290's. I don't have much experience with different amps, but this combination seems like a winner. 
the 1290s are rated at 90db and i never found them to be power-hungry--i ran mine with a 60w arcam integrated and a 70w rotel amp and they sounded very good (which isn't to say they wouldn't sound better with more power, but they are quite efficient)