ADS L-980s

Does anyone have any information on the ADS L-980 series speakers? I've been told that at one time, they were one of the premier studio reference speakers used in recording studios.

I have a pair. I'm trying to find reviews / history / ratings / etc. on them.

A/D/S were used as monitors by the likes of Duetsch Gramaphone and Telarc, but i'm unsure of the exact model(s) they used. You might contact those studios for additional info. Good luck
The L-980's were used as monitors by Telarc in mobile situations. Telarc also used L-1530's as well.

I have L-980's and they sing well in a second system.


Paul :-)
Beemer (Paul) is correct; ADS used 1530's, 1590's, and B&W 801F's. I posed the question in a letter to Jack Renner as to why they used so many speakers. I have in my possesion an informative letter from him, stating that they preferred the 1530's, but were looking for something more up-to-date. They tried the 1590's, but they had no deep bass, and they were going to try and use a subwoofer with them. When in Europe, the producer there preferred the B&W 801F's, but Renner also said the same applied to them as the 1590's. His reason for preferring the 1530's was that they were "highly detailed, produced a great sense of size, and would go deep, although were a little harsh when pushed hard". He never mentioned using the 980's.
Hope this helps.
i had l-810 mkII's and l-1590's. the cabinets were beautiful
(walnut with corner-accents, or rosewood). they had fuses to protect the dome tweeter, which you could easily replace (i had to a couple of times after buying a high-current amp).
they produced a stereo soundfield which for me was better than almost everything else i got to hear at the time, especially on classical recordings, and a wonderful tonal balance. not great for cranking up black sabbath records though. i regret selling those speakers to this day, and can't recommend them enough to others looking for something special from the good old days. just remember to get some fuses from radio shack just in case...