ADS L-810's way to bright?

I have a pair of L-810,s in beutiful condition But too bright, I'm taking them apart today to find out why? I have the original schematics but the cross overs appear to be for tweeters, mids only. so my question is how do I get more bass or less highs. It would seek logical that any problem in the tweeter midrange would be a negative effect not more. Any advice would be grateful.
ADS always had a reputation for being a bit bright, but it is difficult to tell from your message if your problem is something being broken or just the speaker is OK and just not a good match for you.

Are these new-to-you speakers or did something just change? Was there previously another speaker that worked fine in that listening room and with the other components?

Try to rule out a defect in the speakers. Play something with a solid bass track and see if both woofers are working properly - good bass output with no distortion, etc.

Room shape, size and furnishings can also dramatically affect sound, as can the position of the speaker in the room. A sparsely furnished room with hard surfaces can easily sound very bright. Experimenting with speaker placement might also be helpful.

Right now the info is rather limited so it is hard to tell what is going on.
Sorry the info was vague. Source, Nakamichi DMS 2A CD player with Johnny cash in the slot, amp is a Jolida 302A integrated.
M1sst1 is correct, nothing is wrong with the speakers a friend of a friend owns these and their big brother and says that is the sound and it sounds fantastic to him. I purchased these to make the wife happy and replace the Maggie's with a smaller footprint speaker but they don't sound like the Maggie's so I will be selling them shortly. The bass is fantastic and the mids are great but I don't think the little cymbols on a taborine should be that noticable.
those speakers are over 30 years old, capacitors loose their value. The tweeters and midrange are not acting as designed. If you recap the crossover they will settle down..If the speakers are in good shape its worth the $20 or so for caps if you are able to do it. Put in better binding posts to.

They are a great music speaker with a good bottom end
I've heard these marvelous speakers pushed with all sorts of stuff, tube, ss, hi/low, even Pioneer receivers. They are classics and some of the most adapatable speakers I've heard in 30 years. Re-Cap or look to your cables. It ain't the speakers, if they're still close to spec.
I Don't want to chase ghosts both speakers sound identical,
I doubt the caps are bad or they would sound different. I need to find another ADS L-810 owner to listen and verify that the sound is correct for these speakers.
So after taking these to a friends house and listening on his MC 30's and they sounded great but still some what bright at times. I then talked to my Repair guru who stated the tweeters are using mylar caps which never go bad however the dome shape of the tweeters disperses the sound and after removing my acoustic ceiling, most of the carpet and having leather instead of cloth furniture with my cathedral ceiling I'm doomed. The Maggie's are very directional and avoid these pitfalls of the room. So the speakers are for sale they work as designed and look great.
After reading this thread, I slightly shook my head and smiled. Years back, a friend of mine had the ADS 810s. The one thing that stays in my memory about them was their brightness. He also owned a pair of 910s, which sounded considerably better balanced. Compared with the 810s, they had a nice sense of body and were quite enjoyable to listen to. I'm sorry you went through what you did with those 810s. After that experience I'd say you deserve a speaker that will give you some real listening pleasure. Best of luck.