ADS/ a/d/s/ BrAun Atelier component repair

Does anyone know of a facility that repairs ADS a/d/s/ or BrAun Atelier stereo components?
had to sell all my stuff,,,,same, could not find anyone, owned 810 speakers, model 10 processor, the alteir stuff with rack, sorry,,,,boy was it fun.....break down and get updated.....i am not trying to be an a__ , but i am so upset with ads boy what a great run in the 80' favorit..dwhitt
I can't really afford a great stereo anymore. I remembered how much I loved my ADS system I had years ago. I've been slowly recollecting some in real nice condition but the preamp and amp I bought were defective and I had to return them for a refund. Which the seller did give me. I know there are cheap stereos out there but none with the look and feel of quality engineering and class that the Atelier components had. I wish Braun Electronic Gmbh would bring the series back out again. I couldn't afford it new right now, but I would consider some of it later on.
there is some really good stuff out there on this site that can make up a good system. when you are ready , look to continue here, for i have had extremely good fortune here...hope you find something.dhwitt
I don't know who's repairing them however I have a pile of a/d/s/ Atelier pieces I have collected all in fully functional condition. Way too much to list.

I have had all the higher-end a/d/s/ speakers and still have:

L910 w/ads stands
L980 w/ads stands

I sold my 1530's a while ago. I'm still kickin' myself for that.


Paul :-)
I own several Braun (ads) components: Recently my R4 ads
receiver broke down and I could not find a repair facility as ads in Wilmington, MA, is out of business.
Braun (Germany) is unresponsive. Where can I get my component repaired in the U.S.? I really need help.
Thank you, Peter.
Years ago I had one of my componenets repaired at Cosmophonic Sound in NY, NY. 10028, 1622 1st ave. 212 734 0459

Don't know if this is current any longer but they did the job.
From personal experience and that of other audiophile friends, I can strongly recommend Ken Bernacky at Stereo Surgeons in Hartford, CT. Address:

1195 Main Street
East Hartford, CT 06108-2245

Ken has repaired two tuners for me (a Magnum Dynalab FT-11 and a Sansui TU-9900), along with a Nakamichi receiver. He has always done superb work at a fair price; you can find out more about him and several other repair recommendations by looking at the Tuner Information Center at under "Repairs." I have no relationship with him except as a happily satisfied customer. I like ADS equipment a lot, and still enjoy a pair of 710s from my first system in college some time ago--they're playing in the kitchen now.


T. J.
Cosmophonic Sound in NY, NY is the official US repair center.
That store purchased the rights.
Does anyone have a Braun Atelier Turntable plastic cover he's willing to sell? Mine cracked during moving - otherwise the system still works great!

You might give Richard So in Phoenix a call and see if he can help, or knows anyone who can. He does all their speaker repair and has numerous parts. His contact is [email protected], 480-452-9736.
cosmophonic in NYC does full repais of A/D/S