Ads 1290's

Looking at a pair of ADS 1290's . Is $500 a good price for a near mint pr? Thank you for your input. Jason
I've seen them listed for more in audio stores that sell used gear. You might get them for a little less on eBay, but by the time you pay shipping you'd be paying more. And the only way you know you're getting near mint is if you see the speakers yourself.

They are really built to last--cast frame drivers and butyl rubber surrounds, and built to very close tolerances. You certainly couldn't get a new speaker at $500 to match them. I owned a pair of their slightly smaller brother, the L-1090, for about 10 years. Sonically they did a great disappearing act.
Thank you.. I appreciate your response Johnny.....
I paid $425 in a local sale six years ago and thought it a good deal. If they're near-mint, including the grills, jump on them.
Great pair of speakers. I own a mint pair and wouldn't sell mine for anything less than $750.00. You wont be sorry if you take that deal.