Adona Isolation Platforms

Anybody have any thoughts on Adona Isolation Platforms? Also, I recently started considering the use of platforms but to be quite honest, other than prop my equipment up, I really don't know what they do. Is there a sonic benefit? I don't understand if so, how this is possible. Also, what pieces should be isolated? Right now my main power amp is on a rack with all the other electronics ie preamp & CD Transport power conditioner. To the side I have another power conditioner from Core Power technologies up on an old speaker stand. Would this be a candidate as well along with a BlueSound Streamer and Ayre Codex DAC. My other system has a tube integrated amp which is raised off the ground on another old speaker stand. I have no idea, so any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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Well, as you go up the Hifi chain, the more you see the benefits of isolation or equipment.
Though I try not to get too anal about these things, I do try to make sure I get things as isolated as I can.
Ayre has little myrtle blocks that I use. I also use Herbie's isolation products-basically the less expensive stuff on the market.
Unless you need to organize your equipment, why not just put some Herbie's isolation feet and see if you notice a difference?
I also scour Hifi Shark.
It looks like there is an Adona rack for sale, too.
I've used an Adona rack for 8 years and really like it. People will argue about sonic benefits but I think it makes the background quieter, and the music seems more free from the speakers in my set up. They are also strong, and they look very good. The adjustability of the shelves is a big plus. If you have the spare change, I don't think that you would regret it.
I believe there would be some sonic benefit to turntables, possibly CD transports and maybe even tube products but i have a rough time with other equipment and thats not to say they don’t help. Its just that I can’t see the logic. As for Adona, I’m not going to do anything with their products. They may be great but personally, I think whoever the dude is that answers the phone is not quite right upstairs lol? I went on the website and saw the business hours which I thought were strange. Anyway they say their open open until 9 pm M-F EST, so I called at about 6:00pm CST. This guy answered the phone and couldn’t give me any information about his product because he was at home and too tired lol! He said call back during business hours, which I thought I was doing in the first place. Anyway I get it, we all get tired after work, so I called back this morning. I got the same guy and started trying to get some info but half way through the conversation I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I kept telling him I couldn’t hear him and he said he was in the shop with no phone signal and asked if he could call me right back on my cell number. I said yes, absolutely because once I got the info, I was probably going to order something. Well, he never called me back. As far as I’m concerned, he blew me off twice. so he won’t be getting any of my hard earned cash. Still looking for input on sonic benefit if any. How about a slab of granite? Yes, no, maybe?
@luvrockin ,
That sounds very strange, indeed. If a manufacturer behaves that way, I'd stay clear.
And, yes, I can understand your skepticism. But, when you think about the physics of motion/vibration, then it sort of makes sense.
You can add things, like marble or maple bases and use Stillpoints or sound deadening materials like Herbie's Fat Dots in an effort to achieving vibration isolation just as you would with a turntable. As Roxy said, it makes the background 'blacker'.
As I said previously, I try not to get too caught up in the details and have implemented my isolation treatments to much of the lower priced items. Though some of the higher priced treatments may have sonic benefits, I balance it with cost. This 'hobby' can get to be a bit too much, at times.