Adjusting the cueing mechanism on a Mørch tonearm

I've installed a Mørch UP-4 tonearm in a new arm board on a VPI HW-19 Mk 2 turntable. Even though the arm board is entirely flush with the acrylic base plate, the cueing mechanism is a bit too low such that the stylus doesn't clear the record rim. Is there a method for adjusting the height of that tonearm's cueing device? I can't find anything online and a note to the distrbutor gave me the not too satisfactory (but maybe only) solution of installing a washer under the tonearm base plate. That would throw off the azimuth. Advice appreciated!
I was just going to chime in when I saw your recent post.  I was a Morch dealer and know the arms pretty well, (I've personally owned a UP4 and a DP6).

Hans is a really great guy, glad he helped you.

Yes, there is a set screw for the arm lifter mechanism.  Happy you found it.

EXCELLENT table and arm combo by the way!
bdp24, yes, and the base is a classic. Most arms do not make provision for adjusting the overhang and different cartridges are different. You can compensate a little but it is never ideal. 
Son of a gun, a little grub screw. Go figure.
@uberwaltz, My computer has a nasty little virus (Malware, or Adware, or something), and is wreaking havoc. I'll go to my email right now---Eric.