Adjusting Sota Reflex Clamp

I have a Sota Reflex Clamp that won't stay in the down position when placed on the record. I know these are adjustable. Does anybody know how to adjust a Reflex Clamp?
Try this Audiogon link:
turn it upside down. Inside the center hole is a screw. Use a flathead screwdriver and GENTLY turn it a little clockwise or counterclockwise.
I've taken these apart and really haven't seen any parts that wear out. Just the screw adjustment.
When I use mine, I do push down on the entire clamp when closing the clamp.
I have the one with the plastic hex screw inside the center hole.And it has a metal piece that spins when you try to adjust the screw. What's the best way to deal with this type?
You need to close the clamp to adjust it! If you close it the screw won't spin, it will tighten up. Tighten until you start to feel just a little resistance, that should do it!
Anybody able to tell me what size nut driver I need to tighten the screw?

Y'all not know?

Hi Robob,

I always use a 4mm Allen Key.
Since I often put the sota on when the platter is rotating, I have to adjust the clamp at times. It works well.

Thanks, but mine is a nut head not an allen slot.

Y'all be cool:-)