Adjusting Mode Buttons of Audio Alchemy DTI Pro32

Audio Alchemy DTI Pro32 User

Does somebody know how to adjust front panel mode buttons of Audio Alchemy DTI Pro32 ? Or can somebody e-mail or fax me manuals of DTIPro32? I have recently lost my manual and cannot recollect the correct adjustment. I am using AA DDE 3.0 along with DTI Pro32, and do frequently play HDCD.

If I remember correctly, to set the dither you have to press and hold the "input" button with one hand and press the dither select with the other. Or maybe it's press and hold both the "input" and "phase" while selecting dither.

Sorry, I am strictly going by memory - It's been a while since I had one.

I know how to set the mode buttons, but the problem is to find the relevant resolution. For example, if you like to play HDCD with its relevant resolution, you should press the mode buttons until all three lights in the front panel are turned off. However,I do not remember how to adjust mode buttons for other resolutions, such as 20-Bit or 24-Bit etc.
If you have a fax send me your number and in the next couple of days I can send you a copy of the sheet that shows the settings. If you don't want to wait send me your phone number and I'll do my best to call you tonight after about 9:30 central time and read it to you.