Adjusting Linn Keltiks

I have Linn Keltiks with 4 Klouts.
Have struggled for a long time to adjust the bass. Don't get me wrong - they are superb speakers and sound wonderful but I find it is very difficult to achieve a balance between bass that is too light and bass that booms slightly. The real problem with the boom is not knowing whether it is a room resonance (the room is large - about 23ft square - but one speaker has to be nearer a corner than the other), whether it is due to distance from the wall, or whether it can be cured by adjusting the cards, or whether it is caused by a combination of all these!
Have tried to adjust the Aktiv cards and have ended up with bass settings Extension 1+2 (30Hz) and Level 1 (slightly too light) and Extension 1+2+3 (20Hz) and Level 1 (slightly too heavy). Then there is the distance from the wall which is also difficult to adjust (too near - imaging suffers, too far - domestically unacceptable).
Has anyone else any experience of adjusting Keltiks?
Bite the bullet and call a pro. You need to have a good Linn dealer do the speaker placement for you. You have great speakers, give them a chance to shine.
Once you've got to this point, you need someone with an SPL meter to help you set the controls. Sounds like speaker placement is not optimal either. Agree with Newmanoc - get your Linn dealer in - at the price of an active Keltik system, they are supposed to do this anyway.

Thanks for your advice. Since posting this, I have improved them by tweaking but I agree, one should be tougher with the dealer. Will contact them.
Thanks for your advice