Adjusting a Denon DP 35F

I recently bought a Denon DP 35F.
Everything seems to work fine apart from the fact that when I use the 'auto start' for 12" vinyl the arm does not go all the way to the record but starts to lower itself approx. 3 mm away from the edge of the record.
Is there a way to adjust this?
I did find three adustment screws / pot.meters under the platter.
Any ideas as to what they do??

Thanks for any info,

Usually the pots under the platter is the primary speed adjustment for the 33 / 45 speed settings and must not be tapered with. I think that you have to look inside the unit at the arm's bottom-end. There must be a sensor or hook that is misaligned...

Sterkte jong,
Dewald Visser