Adjustable output on CD player

Can anyone recommend an innexpensive CD player with an adjustable output or a very low output?. My speakers are sensitive and my preamp needs to work in a broader range. It currently is between 9-10 oclock all the time. I was thinking that having lower output from the CD player would do the trick. Thanks in advance for the help. I have a Rotel 971 now.
Ah tube 4000 has an adjustable output via resistors (bridging them) on the circuit board.
You may also wish to consider in line attenuators like the Rothwells
Thanks Herman for this simple, elegant and cheap, solution. You made my day.

My name does not often appear in the same sentence with elegant, simple and cheap is another story.
I got the Rothwell attenuators and they work perfectly. I hear no change in the sound, but the volume works in the ideal range now. Thanks again. Audiogon is great!